Your Valentine’s Day Wish List!


Ah this auspicious day? I mean, day full of reds; red flowers, red balloons, red nail polish, red dress, upcoming thoughts of red lehenga and a red chuda with of course, beautiful red cheeks with happiness.

The best things any girl may ask for are the reds

  • Red Decorations
  • Red Balloons
  • Red Cake
  • Red Gifts (I mean the make-up products, outfits, skin care, bags, purses, heels and/or what not)
  • Red Wine (or any that you like haha)

And the surprises of

  • A Night Stay at a beautiful place
  • A Couple Dance
  • A Proposal (Alone or in the crowd)
  • A Candle Light Dinner
  • A Vow ( if he may 😛 more the merrier)

I want to shout, “I want this shit for all my life dude, I deserve that, give me that beautiful surprise where I would be knowing what my partner is nearly planning on the V-day for me so that I’ll have a perfect dress and make up to have the best being surprised picture clicked

The surprise I’ll be getting and him, the man, my man, is my gift and award for “THE BEST ACTING DEBUT IN V-DAY – I KNEW IT ALL MY MAN

Even the most practical lasses will become the hopeless romantics, it’s a reality trust me. I guess each one of you have had your either prince charming’s face in your mind or at least the face of the horse below it, in wait of whole image to form in some time.

How cute are these things, being cliché they still manage to exist with us. Yes you just thought of what you want on this Valentine’s day.

How many quotes and jokes out there are based on this day. One of them even says that every day should be like a valentine’s day for a couple, but in my opinion, in addition to this, this day gives an excuse to be some extra, to expect some extra. Like the other festivals, we till date are happy when Ram, Sita and Laxman came back from their 14 year exile yet it’s celebrated particularly with some extra on Diwali.

I got my extra girls, get yours too!!

Have a Happy Valentine’s honey

And let me know what did he do in the comments section below..


Keep reading,

Keep re-living.

Love, love!

Anubhuti Sachdeva

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