Wishes help recognize ourselves!

Recognize yourself, Motivation for girls.

Wishes help recognize ourselves!

Go! Recognize yourself Girl!

Today, I am a married woman or rather I’d say, an independent married woman. I was the first one to get married among my relatives, including my elder cousins. I have been working and the marriage didn’t make it any complicated, rather the marriage made me concentrate more on the work, realizing its importance and value. It is something every girl must, to be independent, to be self-sufficient. Not because of xyz family condition or treating as an escape, but for your own development, a psychological and personal development.

That’s my wish, I have been working and been an independent woman since I was single and this wish will always sustain. Recognize yourself girl, you and I have been a daughter, a sister, and now/will be a wife, but other than this, it’s us, say its ME, say your name out loud, that’s your identity, Miss or Mrs. will vary but the name won’t. The titles might change, these are affiliations for the personal connections, but you know which are the best titles for the world? Anubhuti Sachdeva, The director, The manager


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Keep re-living.

Love, love!

Anubhuti Sachdeva

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