Be on your own – Solo Trip

Solo Trip

Be on your own – Solo Trip

Hello girls,

I believe most of you would have prowled around your city during the college days, even I have. It used to be the real fun of life. The best part was that my Post Graduation was in Mumbai. Yes, exactly what you’re thinking, the clubbing and party nights. That was the major reason I had my bachelorette or we may call it as the hens’ party in Mumbai for 3 days straight, I have been in love with the city since then.

Anyhow, Where do you plan to have yours girls? And if you have had already, like me, then tell me in comments below where and how did you have yours for the bride to be’s can add to their lists. Xoxo.

Okay so moving further, the main thing in my mind today is that how many of you have had the solo trip? All of us plan for it in our hearts but something stops us; time, money, family restrictions.. You got a solution for each of it hon, go to a nearby place. For instance; Take a bus and go Kasol.

I used to plan with my bestfriend of having a trip to anywhere in the world we can, it didn’t work out but we surely then had a perfectly surprise hens party in Mumbai in the hotel with the view of Juhu beach.. Yeah I know (Monica’s voice, if you’ve watched f.r.i.e.n.d.s)

Conclusively, you being YOU and YOU being ON YOUR OWN is what matters, and not the place, trust me on this. Go out there and strike off this wish from the list and guess what? Here I am to tell you the best places in India for you to visit before you get married.

Choose from the following places for a girl solo trip which suits your personality hon.

  1. For the one who loves nature: The meadows of Khajjiar; we may also call it the ‘Mini-Switzerland of India’ in Himachal Pradesh, a beautiful aura and nature. You can visit there by train, road and air. Visit in March to October and do not forget the Khajjiar Lake.
  2. For the one who wants to stay in peace and do some soul searching: Gokarna; A peaceful place to visit in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. You can visit here at any time of the year, however, the best time remains in October.
  3. For the one who loves the Narnia waterfall effect, the swimmers: Shillong; The capital of Meghalaya, The beauty to dive in. The best time to visit here is October.
  4. For the ones who love trekking: Sandhan Valley; also known as the ‘Valley of shadows’. It is near Mumbai and the best time to visit here is from mid-November to mid-February.

Happy Girl Solo Trip!

Links to the above places are provided below:


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Love, love!

Anubhuti Sachdeva

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