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Wishes before Mrs. Words for women, about women, from a woman. Remove the question mark from the wishes and put up an exclamation mark instead.

Hello to the beautiful souls out there,

This blog is for all the ladies who dare to dream and work for their wishes. The wishes which we make for all the phases of the life, before marriage, during the wedding ceremonies, and of course after the marriage about all the things we want in our husband and the in-laws.

Arranged marriage or love marriage, the wishes remain the same. It may be doing every possible activity being a bachelor, be it accomplishing something in a career or fulfilling a target of roaming around at least 3 countries alone or having a loving husband and hopefully the one who listens and agrees upon what we say. It might be to roam around the world again with him.

Keeping aside the basics, let’s dive in deep, I am here to talk about our wishes, some might have accomplished them all or some might not have any, but let us just work over them. I, Anubhuti Sachdeva – Sahni, a married woman, am here to want you all to stand by me and make the world our own, neither excluding him, nor including him as a whole. It’s about us. I have worked upon most of my wishes before being a Mrs. And presently working on the left offs’.

I suppose you might have thought of 100 things by now. See you with each of them in my upcoming posts.

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Love, love!

Anubhuti Sachdeva – Sahni

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